Johnson & Johnson is the authority for all baby care needs, however J&J’s Baby Bubble Bath products were losing share. Competitors were enticing kids with powerful Disney franchises. Kids loved the characters and parents loved the fact that they can buy a product featuring a Disney character at a relatively low cost.

J&J’s answer was to change the packaging to include four cartoons – the Bubble Monsters.


However, we were sure that putting images of bottles of product in front of mums when she was online was not going to be enough to combat the pester power she came up against in the supermarket aisle. Above everything we needed to make kids fall in love with our Monsters.


UM Studios created four 2-minute episodes, each introducing a different Bubble monster in a funny adventure.  The episodes were scripted, storyboarded and animated in-house, and voiced by top Children’s TV actors.


To get the Bubble Monsters further into children’s homes, we sponsored Nickelodeon, and Nick JR, and created channel sponsorship bumpers showing the Bubble monsters larking around in the bath. 


We more than halved the sales decline from 34% YOY to 12% YOY.

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