South Africa is a country full of wonder and excitement, but British holiday makers couldn’t see pass negative headlines. To get more tourists considering the rumble nation, we needed to change perceptions.


Welcome to your 5-minute holiday.


In a world 'first’, we combined Oculus Rift virtual reality with binaural sound to create an immersive holiday experience. For the first time holidaymakers could experience South Africa without leaving the UK. We launched our 5-minute holiday with pop-up events in key departure cities and became the first government organization to share 360 videos on Facebook and YouTube.


We amplified our message with partnerships with Secret Escapes and The Guardian sharing travel content that our wanderlusters would enjoy. We supported both hubs with display, social and paid search.


The campaign increased consideration (56%) and recommendation (75%). Overall, holiday bookings increased by 451% YOY, generating over £206K in revenue.


AVA Digital Award Platinum in New Category 2015

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