Jack Daniels’ is an iconic brand, but we needed to connect with the millennial audience when they were out drinking together.  We wanted to put Jack back at the heart of the action, placing him firmly back in our millennials lives. Jack Daniel’s already has a rich music history, boosted in recent years by championing small music venues. However, to get through millennials we knew we had to step up this up a notch, with a new rekindled rock and roll attitude.


Introducing Jack Rock’s Macbeth. 


Jack Daniel's took a four-month residency at the Macbeth, a 150-year-old live music pub. Supported by our partners Spotify and the well-known music news brand NME, we created a genuinely exciting music experience for our millennial audience.


During the day, NME and Spotify music journalist worked from the venue. UM Studios filmed interviews with artists and unplug sessions in a custom-built set. During the night, artists like Young Guns and La Roux, performed in a pack venue of millennials. All this content was quickly edited and distributed through partner editorial, paid for advertisement, and our combined social media channels. Over 146 pieces of original content were created.


During our residency, the Macbeth had over 20,000 visitors. Video views exceeded 2.3 million views, surpassing our goal.

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